Morning light. Enough said.

I embarked on another road trip and this time to Yelagiri, which is a hill station about 250km from Chennai. The route is basically Chennai-Kanchipuram-Vellore-Yelagiri.

I clicked about 15 pictures with the DSLR as I found it decidedly inconvenient to whip it out from the bag every time. Phone cam was a much better alternative. And perhaps, when I have to buy my next phone, I can keep this in mind.

The ride was absolutely brilliant. It took me over 5 hours to reach Yelagiri. But that was mainly because I was riding slow and also stopping every now and then to click pics. The roads, especially once you reach Kanchipuram, are really good. So you can glide through without much effort.

But the best bit came after I got off the highway . The 15km ride to the top of the hill is the best part. There are 14 hair pin bends along the way. And as dangerous as they can be, they are also, equally satisfying. Mountain roads are really amazing. And that feel of riding right through nature is unparalleled.

Yelagiri has very few things that would genuinely be attractive to a serious tourist. There’s the manmade lake where boating is the thing, a nature park, an adventure park and some treks. Honestly, the last option seemed the most exciting, but I was tired and didnt really fancy trekking alone. In hindsight, I should have just gone anyway. Checkout this link for more info.

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New Year, New Journeys.


As cliched as the title may sound, it really does resonate with my life. So when 2016 rolled around, once the new year’s eve hangover was got over, I decided that I should make better use of my bike. Given that I have such a great bike (Yes, I love my FZ-S), it would be a crying shame if I had only used it for in-city jaunts.

I wanted to set the tone for the rest of the year. And so, on the first weekend of the new year, some of us decided to take a trip to Pulicat. Its about 75 km North of Chennai, near the Andhra border. There’s a lake and some beaches, some islands, a light house and the option of going for boating. In terms of sheer tourism, it is not much of a draw. But this trip was not about the destination, it was about the journey. (I apologize for the cliche ridden post)


I wish I had shot this with my DSLR. The scene was amazing in the early morning golden light.


The scene of the fall.


The roads were mostly a delight.

6 of us in four two wheelers left from Chennai at 530 in the morning. And we rode comfortably stopping in between for tea, enjoying the scenery and clicking pics. And at one point, unwittingly because my bike skidded and I fell. No real harm done apart from some loss of skin. In fact, the bike bore the brunt of it. Luckily for me, I wasnt speeding. So, kids. Be careful on bikes. Extra extra careful.

We reached Pulicat eventually and found this small restaurant to eat breakfast at. They had really nice dosas and I did not have to think twice about ordering a second time. We set out exploring and turned out that the lighthouse would open only late in the afternoon. We found someone who would let us hire a boat. And off we went into the lake.

We spent some time at the beach in one of the islands that Prasanth got us to. It had become extremely sunny by then. We got into the water as it was nice and cold. All in all, it was a nice experience. Here are the last round of pictures.


Until next time. Oh and happy new year, if you are into that sort of thing 😛 Ciao!


Roadtrip #1 – Pondycherry


So the floods came to town in Chennai. And I decided that I was better off going away for a couple of days. I headed off to pondycherry to crash at my friend’s place. What was the big deal? I rode off on my bike. It was the first long trip and it was a wonderful experience. The ECR is a brilliant route to go in. Unfortunately I did not really stop for clicking pictures. That, I will save for the next road trip. I plan on doing a lot more of these.


PS – I love my bike 😛

And it rains and rains.


It has been a strange couple of weeks in Chennai. I have seen more rain in the past few days than in the previous three years in Chennai. There has been massive flood damages reported in various regions in Tamil Nadu not least in and around Chennai. Here are some of the pictures I got with my Xiomi Mi4i phone camera. It does a surprisingly good job in low light conditions.



Until next time! Ciao!


Staying up the whole night really is the best way to get to the beach to catch the sunrise. And even when you do so, it is sometimes a close call, as it happened this particular instance. We reached just moments before the sunrise. I got a few cliche shots, but nothing truly special.



There were a few others.




And then, there were none. Ciao!